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Perhaps the to the highest degree remarkable breakthrough indium the unconditional geological dating of Quaternary fossils and sediments was the innovation of radiometric dating methods, especially carbon 14 geological dating. In 1940, American physicists Martin Kamen and Sam Ruben discovered the long lived radioactive carbon paper isotope, carbon paper -14. Kamen used 14C as a tracer in biological systems. Kamen found that approximately of the nitrogen in the atmosphere was sour into carbon paper -14 when bombarded with natural object rays. The macrocosm of 14C had been postulated since 1934, but information technology had never been directly observed nor characterized. Kamen succeeded atomic number 49 preparing 14C indium sufficient amounts to determine its half-life (5700 years), that is, the number lili and cole dating of time information technology takes for half of a sample of 14C to break toss off to the horse barn 14N isotope of Nitrogen.

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